Physical exhaustion

Physical exhaustion Contemporary lifestyle creates a rhythm that includes lower or higher amounts of stress. We particularly have in mind men and women between 30 and 65 years old that have sedentary jobs and jobs that include higher amounts of stress. Such as managers, people working in administration, bankers etc. Work rhythm can often [...]

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Postoperative rehabilitation and mechanical injuries

Postoperative rehabilitation and mechanical injuries ML Locomotion does rehabilitation and postoperative rehabilitation after sustaining mechanical injuries such as: Fractures Sprains Dislocations Ligament surgery Heart attack Stroke Postoperative rehabilitation is complex and individualized for your fast and full recovery. Our common goal is to restore your range motion and optimal function as quickly as possible [...]

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Degenerative diseases

Degenerative diseases Within our rehabilitation, ML Locomotion offers exercises adapted for people with degenerative diseases such as: Hernia Arthrosis Calcination Osteoporosis Painful shoulder syndrome Our goal with degenerative conditions is to reduce pain and slow the process of degeneration. We use various methods and exercise and strengthen your muscles to relieve affected joints and [...]

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Chronic injuries

Chronic injuries Problems of the locomotor system can be detected today and are often the result of a sedentary lifestyle and work. We offer rehabilitation and successful treatment of chronic injuries that result from repeated motions performed every day and poor posture such as: Back and joint pain Sciatica Neck pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [...]

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