Neck pain and stiff neck

Neck pain and stiff neck Q: Hello, I have an office job and I often feel pain and stiffness in my neck at the end of my work day and after work. What can be done to help with this problem? A: Firstly, we recommend seeing a professional. Therapy is going to be based [...]

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Knee pain

Knee pain Q: I am a recreational runner and lately I have been experiencing slight but constant and numb pain in my knee. I have no problems while walking. What would you suggest? A: The symptoms you have enumerated are connected with your patella. Damage to the cartilage is often manifested through pain. You [...]

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Back pain

Back pain Q: Hello! I have been working in a bank for 20 years now and I have been experiencing back pain. How can I reduce the pain? A: There are several reasons that could cause lower back pain. The main cause is too much sitting (over the years) which pressures the discus in [...]

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Elbow and forearm pain

Elbow and forearm pain Q: Hello! I have been working as a hairdresser for years and in the last couple of days I have been experiencing severe elbow and forearm pain. I do not know what to do to reduce the pain? A: Tennis elbow or golfer elbow describe the conditions that cause forearm [...]

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