Kinesio tape

Kinesio tape We use Kinesio tape for elastic therapeutic support to your ligaments, joints and muscles in Your rehabilitation or injury prevention. Kinesio tape is used to prevent injuries or to help improve certain rehabilitation programs or therapies. Kinesio tapes provide support to muscles, improve muscle function, reduce the possibility of cramps, ensure a [...]

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Ultrasound ML Locomotion team uses GLOBUS MEDIASOUND ultrasound as a therapeutic tool.  When used for therapeutic purposes, ultrasound works mechanically. It provides heating, which means that ultrasound can be used to provide heating to deep layers of the tissue in your locomotor system. It is a radiologically enhanced therapy that affects deeper layers of [...]


Electrotherapy device

Electrotherapy device In ML Locomotion rehabilitation program with special equipment, we use GLOBUS 3000 electrotherapy device. Electrotherapy is the direct use of electricity in rehabilitation. It stimulates the muscular system and facilitates the process of rehabilitation. We localize your problem and aim directly at it using electric energy, which accelerates the process of rehabilitation. [...]

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