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Neck pain and stiff neck

Neck pain and stiff neck Q: Hello, I have an office job and I often feel pain and stiffness in my neck at the end of my work day and after work. What can be done to help with this problem? A: Firstly, we recommend seeing a professional. Therapy is [...]

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Knee pain

Knee pain Q: I am a recreational runner and lately I have been experiencing slight but constant and numb pain in my knee. I have no problems while walking. What would you suggest? A: The symptoms you have enumerated are connected with your patella. Damage to the cartilage is often [...]

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Back pain

Back pain Q: Hello! I have been working in a bank for 20 years now and I have been experiencing back pain. How can I reduce the pain? A: There are several reasons that could cause lower back pain. The main cause is too much sitting (over the years) which [...]

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Elbow and forearm pain

Elbow and forearm pain Q: Hello! I have been working as a hairdresser for years and in the last couple of days I have been experiencing severe elbow and forearm pain. I do not know what to do to reduce the pain? A: Tennis elbow or golfer elbow describe the [...]

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Kinesio tape

Kinesio tape We use Kinesio tape for elastic therapeutic support to your ligaments, joints and muscles in Your rehabilitation or injury prevention. Kinesio tape is used to prevent injuries or to help improve certain rehabilitation programs or therapies. Kinesio tapes provide support to muscles, improve muscle function, reduce the possibility of cramps, ensure a [...]

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Ultrasound ML Locomotion team uses GLOBUS MEDIASOUND ultrasound as a therapeutic tool.  When used for therapeutic purposes, ultrasound works mechanically. It provides heating, which means that ultrasound can be used to provide heating to deep layers of the tissue in your locomotor system. It is a radiologically enhanced therapy that affects deeper layers of [...]


Electrotherapy device

Electrotherapy device In ML Locomotion rehabilitation program with special equipment, we use GLOBUS 3000 electrotherapy device. Electrotherapy is the direct use of electricity in rehabilitation. It stimulates the muscular system and facilitates the process of rehabilitation. We localize your problem and aim directly at it using electric energy, which accelerates the process of rehabilitation. [...]

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Risk groups

Risk groups A wide-ranging knowledge enables us to work with a wide range of problems. Our education and extensive experience gives us the opportunity to work with risk groups. If you are elderly or pregnant and wish to stay in shape, we are here to create a customized training that suits you. We offer [...]

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Recreation and weight loss

Recreation and weight loss Our work also includes sports training for recreation and weight loss. Contemporary lifestyle often doesn’t leave a lot of time for necessary recreation. Together we will find out what your needs and goals are and create a training fit for you. Alongside that, we offer the possibility of creating a [...]

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Unique sports training

Unique sports training Our ML Locomotion team of experts includes kinesiologists and physical therapists that have an abundance of experience in diverse branches of sport and rehabilitation in Croatia and abroad and can guarantee professional help. Besides our professional education, we also have a lot of experience in working with various age groups and [...]

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